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ENGINITE Erasmus+ EU funded Program

ENGINITE Erasmus+ EU funded Program

CUBEIE LLC is partner in ENGINITE programme - ENGineering and INdustry Innovative Training for Engineers via PBL-

Engineering Innovation &Training Hub

Engineering Innovation &Training Hub

Innovating and integrated training programs for graduates and/or junior Engineers.

SolarIn - Crowdfunding Solar Roofs

SolarIn - Crowdfunding Solar Roofs

Click and find out how we are connecting roof owners (industrial & residentials) with investors willing to invest in solar energy.



About Us

At CUBEiE we care about engineering


We’re a team of experienced engineers from various backgrounds offering cutting-edge engineering services. We’re also a training hub where the brightest graduate and junior engineers become the next generation of industry innovators. 



Because at CUBEiE  we believe that bringing together companies and talented young engineers is what stimulates industry innovation and creativity.









We strive to offer the best multi-discipline coordinated concept engineering anywhere around, whether it’s structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental or chemical engineering you need..




Through sustainable growth, independent thinking and a diversified team of qualified engineers, we seek to be the leading engineering consultancy in key target markets.



We thrive on challenge. It is our passion as engineers to find creative, innovative solutions for your needs at prices that make sense.


What we do

CUBEiE Engineering Innovation & Training Hub (EITH)

CUBEiE Engineering Innovation & Training Hub offers innovative integrated training programs for graduate and junior engineers. 


Graduate and junior engineers usually have the academic background but not the real-life engineering experience employees are looking for. Our pioneering training centre bridges that gap. Our hands-on training sessions, workshops and seminars delivered by experienced professionals give aspiring engineers the know-how they need to succeed and thrive professionally.

Advanced Structural Engineering Services 

CUBEiE has a highly qualified and experienced team of civil engineers that are excited about finding solutions for your structural analysis, design and construction management needs. We handle engineering for residential and commercial buildings, general special industrial structures (chimneys, warehouse with cranes, etc.) and heavy civil engineering structures.

Industrial Processing and
Strategic Development

We deliver the kind of operational efficiency that saves you money. We don't try to change your process—we try to understand your business needs. Whether it's inventory data, master production schedules, invoices, supply chain information, packing slips, delivery receipts, purchase orders, workers comp, health insurance claims, payment processing or any of a hundred other documents you need to process to make your business or factory run smoothly

Renewable Energy Applications

Renewable energy solutions are employed to increase energy security and independence, while reducing your long-term energy costs and environmental footprint.


We will partner with you to evaluate renewable energy technology options and financing alternatives that minimize risk and maximize your return on investment. Also, we will work with you to design, engineer, install, maintain and operate the renewable energy systems that you choose...



CUBEiE’s engineering consultancy is different. We don’t just try to solve your engineering needs, we look for the most innovative and efficient ways to do that, whether you’re an individual, manufacturer or company.

How do we do it?


We work closely with you to find and implement an optimized engineering business process tailored to your specific business needs. We can either create new processes for you (business process consulting), or we can work with you to improve your existing processes (business process re-engineering).




Describe current process

Plan for implementing the solution

  Redesign business process and tools

Evaluate concept (benefits statements)

Plan for implementing the solution

Implement the redesign

Transition to continuous process improvement (measure results)

Plan for implemanting

the solution

Talk to us

Do you have a tough engineering question no one else can answer?

We can help you. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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