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Engineering Innovation & Training Hub


“Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was.”

- Theodore von Karman


Yes, it’s true, engineers change the world, but they need to start somewhere. Graduate and junior engineers especially need mentoring and a supportive environment where they can practice what they’ve learned in school before they enter the workforce.


That is exactly the kind of environment we offer.


Our Engineering Innovation & Training Hub (EITH) offers innovative integrated training programs for aspiring engineers that give them the opportunity to put their academic knowledge to practice so they can enter the workforce on sure footing.


What we offer


At CUBEiE, our training programme produces graduate and junior engineers better equipped for jobs.


Engineers need to make the transition from the academic environment they’re used to to the reality waiting for them on the job. That’s why we give our engineers-in-training practical 'on-the-job' experience—so they can apply the principles they learned as students to the actual situations they’ll face as professionals.


Our training scheme is all about “learning by doing.” By having an actual stake in solving real-life problems, our young engineers become the kind of self-confident, self-motivated thinkers companies want to hire.

The CUBEiE way


Part 1:

An intensive training program that builds managerial skills and technical knowledge also boosts employability


The aim of our training program is to give our engineers the practical knowledge and empowerment they need to thrive in a real work environment. To do so, we employ the Problem Based Learning pedagogy and we get on board the best practitioners of the industry.   


It works like this.


A company assigns us a problem/task and we work with our trainee engineers to find and deliver solutions according to the desirable learning outcomes. In the process, young engineers learn how to approach tasks holistically in creative, innovative ways.

Part 2:

Structured internships for hands-on experience in the industry 



Engineers who meet the demands of our intensive training programme will be introduced to our industrial partners. If they are accepted, they will enter a company for a 6-month internship. Interning engineers will gain new skills and real work experience. At the same time, the internship/industrial partner will be assessing the engineer's progress.

To facilitate the process, a CUBEiE mentor will be assigned to each engineer to support and guide them through the learning process. The CUBEiE team will also evaluate interns to assure their success and the company's satisfaction.


Management and Career Boosting Toolkits


  • MCB 110 – Efficient Quality and Health & Safety Management Systems: theory, applications, cooperative culture integration.

  • MCB 120 – Innovation, Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial skills

  • MCB 130 – Engineering Systems Thinking: Re-engineering by Simplifying

  • MCB 140 – Project Management in Action

Bridge the gap

Landing the job of their dreams is what every graduate engineer wants. But today there’s an ever-widening gap between university requirements and what employers actually need, leaving many engineers without many options.


This is what we aim to fix.


Our pioneering training and mentoring programmes give engineers the opportunity to gain key experience, put their knowledge and enthusiasm to use and broaden their horizons while working hand-in-hand with our instructors and industrial partners.


This way industry benefits too. Companies have the chance to meet and cooperate with young engineers who are creative and full of energy. The result? The ground-breaking ideas and solutions, pioneering products and services, and cooperative culture that lead to real change.


If you see it like we do, join the CUBEiE revolution today!


What is all about

Integrated Vocational Engineering Programs (IVEP)


Technical knowledge enhancement 


Structural Engineering

Modules for Civil Engineers

  • STE 210 – Applied Earthquake-Resistant Design of Structures 

  • STE 220 – Advanced Structural Analysis & Design of Concrete and Steel Structure

  • STE 230 – Computer Aided Drafting & Design

  • STE 240 – Structural Drawings Implementations and Construction Inspection

  • STE 250 – Technical Specification and Contract Management


Industrial/process engineering

Modules for Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Food Technicians


  • IPE 310 – Engineering Economics Modeling

  • IPE 320 – Product development. From concept to market.

  • IPE 330 – Applied Process and Production Optimization

  • IPE 340 – CAD design and drafting

  • IPE 350 – Logistics and supply chain analysis in a rapidly changing environment


Renewable and energy efficient applications

Modules for Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Environmental Engineers


  • REE 410 – Energy consumption analysis and optimization technics

  • REE 420 – Renewable sources and combined energy systems

  • REE 430 – Electrical and mechanical installation designs and drawings

  • REE 440 – Installation design and legislation for renewable energy applications

  • REE 450 – Contract management

  • REE 460 – CAD design and drafting  


Structured Internship


  • STI 510 – Introduction to industry

  • STI 520 – Hands on experiences and mentoring guidance

  • STI 530 – Develop an integrated project for the industrial partner


Why to become an Internship Partner?

A win-win situation

Young people want learn and gain the valuable experience that comes with an internship. By working for your company for a period of time, students get their feet wet in an industry that interests them, while expanding their skillset and building professional references. In return, you strengthen your team without taking on the expense and risk of hiring a full-time employee. A well-developed internship program can provide important learning opportunities for the intern and much-needed help for your organisation.

A solid long-term investment


Your star summer intern may turn out to be just the person you need for your team in a year or two. If you take the time to mentor college students now—and take an active interest in their education and career goals—you’ll be developing genuine relationships that will show future returns. Find an exceptional intern and you could be saving yourself a lot of recruitment time and money by hiring him when he graduates.

 Fresh ideas and energy for your organization


While your interns can increase their knowledge by working with experienced professionals, you can also learn from them. Younger employees often bring a fresh perspective to the workplace.

 Why is this here?  It doesn’t belong. This is a tip for companies who have taken on an intern, not a reason for them to take on an intern.

Interested in becoming an industrial partner or hosting an intern? Get in touch.



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Why meaningful industry cooperation counts


It’s all about having a shared vision and perspectives.


We want to take engineering to a higher professional level, but only a combination of the best engineers and visionary industrial partnerships can make that work.


Become an industrial partner and help us change the way engineering happens.




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