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Passion - Excellence - Innovation.


By combining these three elements, CUBEiE provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet your complex engineering, design and operational needs. Here is an overview of our servises and competencies. More services are to be announced and/or presented. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do for you.

CUBEiE Training Center for Applied Engineering

CUBEiE Training Center for Applied Engineering offers innovating and integrated training programs for graduates and/or junior Engineers. 


The Training Center conducts training sessions, workshops and seminars to pass valuable and  comprehensive know-how to engineers. Engineers have the opportunity to put their academic knowledge into practice and move to a higher professional level...

Industrial Processing and Project Management

We deliver operational efficiencies and tremendous financial savings. We don't change your process, or fit a software or hardware solution that doesn't work for you. Rather, we work with numerous companies to understand your business needs - to streamline the large processes and stimulate the subtle intricacies - to ensure the best solution...

Civil Engineering and Construction Management

CUBEiE has highly qualified and experienced team of engineers that can provide a wide range of capabilities including general special industrial structures (chimneys, warehouse with cranes etc), heavy civil engineering and building steel and concrete structure design... 

Renewable Energy Applications

Renewable energy solutions are employed to increase energy security and independence, while reducing your long-term energy costs and environmental footprint.


We will partner with you to evaluate renewable energy technology options and financing alternatives that minimize risk and maximize your return on investment. Also, we will work with you to design, engineer, install, maintain and operate the renewable energy systems that you choose...

Crowdfunding Mentoring

Crowd funding is a powerful tool for talented and evolutionary young entrepreneurs. Raising funding online or presenting a new start-up idea is a demanding and easy to failure task.


CUBEiE provides crowd funding mentoring services and aims to lead young entrepreneurs to the success...

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