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About SolarIn Project



Let's turns things upside-down. Let’s create a clean green planet.

Our future on this planet depends on us using the earth’s resources responsibly. At CUBEiE, we believe a growing economy and a sustainable planet go hand-in-hand.


That’s why we created the SolarIn Project, a partnership between contributors and property owners to take advantage of the unlimited solar energy available to us.




Because we believe in changing the way our world is powered.

For our kids. For the planet. Forever.

 HOW about YOU?

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How it Works


2A. Business investors

Contributors and sponsors make a sustainable, low-risk investment. 


1. Unlimited Solar Energy

Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source on the planet.

2B. Property owners

Do you own a home or industry? We’ll use your existing unused roof area more efficiently and sustainable by installing solar panels for you. You don’t need any extra space and there is no fee.

3A. Earn Steady Return of the investment

Investors benefit the most. In return for their investment in solar energy, they get a steady cash flow with interest. 

3B. Save money


Once you rent us your roof, you start saving money by producing and selling energy. A percentage of those profits will make its way back to your wallet!

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365 days

9 hours

per day


average estimated daylight 

Invest in the Heart of the Mediterranean Sea


It’s a fact that Greece and Cyprus have more sun than just about anywhere else in the world. The sun shines almost all year round! And, yes, the more sunshine there is, the more efficient and sustainable your investment in solar technology.



Why SolarIn Project


Benefits for property/roof owners

$0 Down Financing

Install solar panels with zero-down financing. You don’t need to pay and you don’t need a loan.

Reduce you energy bills

Take advantage of low-cost electricity and stop getting inflated bills.

Electricity expenses before solar panels installed

Cost of Electricity

Borrowers' pay-back

Electricity expenses after solar panels installed

Before SolarIn

After SolarIn

Be smart. Get the most out of your property

You can reduce your electricity bills just by using your roof. And, don’t forget, when you go solar, you’re increasing your property value.

Benefits for borrowers/investors

Low-maintenance, long-term investment with regular cash flows


There’s nothing for you to worry about. Solar installations are mainly just fixed electrical and structural equipment and have no moving parts and so cost next to nothing to maintain.


Your profits will always be there, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. Just access your bank account monthly and enjoy your profits.


Solar panels are guaranteed to work efficiently for more than 20 years, so you’ll keep making money as long as the sun is shining.

Are we talking bout a bank account? If so, are we telling people how to use their bank account? Just curious.




Cash Flow

See actual returns while saving the planet




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